FYI – Virtual facilitation options beyond #SGMSP18

Taking a break from book writing today,  I saw on Twitter there was a conversation in the open space at Scrum Gathering Minneapolis (#SGMSP18). For those of us who have been working remotely for years, there are actually several good […]

Forming a Community of Volunteers at the Global Scrum Gathering Orlando #SGFLA

It’s been a little over a week since the Global Scrum Gathering in Orlando and our Agile Florida Slack community is still buzzing. The buzz is mostly from our volunteers! The April 2016 Global Scrum Gathering was the first time […]

InfoQ Interview: Distributed teams and distributed user groups

While at Agile2015, InfoQ interviewed me and some of my colleagues and you can now see the InfoQ interview and transcript (25 min). In the interview, we talk about our distributed network of user groups and how we collaborate.  A […]

Why You Want a BackChannel in Distributed Meetings

When I started facilitating my first distributed meetings, I ran into a problem that many encounter: my primary collaboration tool would fail. It usually involved one person “losing connection” or in some cases the whole collaboration software system crashing for […]