A distributed agile team guide for LeanAgileUS participants – remotelyagile.info

If you attended my talk at LeanAgileUS.com, I likely mentioned many references on distributed teams.  I keep those references at RemotelyAgile.info (which you can also access via the “remotely agile” link at the top of this site. You can now […]

Preparing for Agile Open Florida on 10/7 – Going, Growing & Sustaining Agile

We are only a few days away from our third annual Agile Open Florida conference. We have nearly doubled in size and are expecting approximately 300 people in attendance. For those new to an “open space technology” format, I often […]

How to build Facilitation Muscle online.

Coaching leaders and teams at various organizational levels, I am constantly amazed at how many people  do not know how to facilitate a meeting.  Facilitation is not about building a purpose and agenda that works for you and then “driving” […]