FYI – Virtual facilitation options beyond #SGMSP18

Taking a break from book writing today,  I saw on Twitter there was a conversation in the open space at Scrum Gathering Minneapolis (#SGMSP18). For those of us who have been working remotely for years, there are actually several good […]

First 4 chapters of our distributed agile book are available on Leanpub!

Johanna and I were able to get the first  few chapters into a “shippable” state (i.e., it met a sufficient level of quality for us).  The book contains the first 4 chapters, just under 30,000 words. About 100 pages of actual […]

Many Learning Opportunities Outside of Agile2017 (Aug 5 update)

There are many people planning to come to Agile2017.  This year is estimated to be more than 2500 attending.  Others find this conference too expensive.  Unfortunately, that’s true for many of my fellow Florida agilists.  So if you are coming […]