Why my Distributed Agile countdown for Agile2018 is 8-3-2-1

I know it’s been quiet on this blog, but much has happened behind the scenes.  In fact, there has been a countdown happening as I prepare for Agile2018 next week. 8 chapters are now available in the pre-release beta version […]

First 4 chapters of our distributed agile book are available on Leanpub!

Johanna and I were able to get the first  few chapters into a “shippable” state (i.e., it met a sufficient level of quality for us).  The book contains the first 4 chapters, just under 30,000 words. About 100 pages of actual […]

Create your Distributed Team’s Workspace with These Six Tools

Many people ask me what is the best tool for distributed agile teams.  It’s the wrong question. What many people miss is that a distributed agile team needs a common workspace and a collection of tools that work together in […]