InfoQ Interview: Distributed teams and distributed user groups

While at Agile2015, InfoQ interviewed me and some of my colleagues and you can now see the InfoQ interview and transcript (25 min). In the interview, we talk about our distributed network of user groups and how we collaborate.  A […]

Recommendations for someone new to the Product Owner role?

I often get questions of the form of “How do I start this (practice/role)?”  Recently, I got the following question (details altered to protect their identity): I’m a manager with a local company who works mainly as a product owner and internal customer point […]

My wish list for Meetup as a user group leader (thanks Meetup)

NOTE: This post is updated at the end with a very quick response from (Thanks!) Warning: this is a rant.  I’m currently writing an Agile2015 experience report telling the history of and specifically. was a key […]

Preparing for Agile Open Florida 2015 – No One Size Fits All

Later this month, I have the privilege of facilitating the Agile Open Florida 2015 conference.  Final preparations are well under way and we have sold out six weeks before the conference.  There is some personal preparation that would benefit everyone […]